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Fake news against Mammootty in the name of Ram Charan Teja

Fake news against Mammootty in the name of Ram Charan Teja-Onlookers Media

Mega star Mammootty now-a-days in news for some reasons other than his film releases, its success and upcoming projects. It has something to do with his popularity and Skill. Mammootty is in the news for all not much positive reasons. We can say that it is not positive ones because it really something against him. Some of those news were original and some of them were fake. The original one that stole the show recently was the issue that happened due to the comment of Bollywood film maker Ram Gopal Varma in which he appreciates Dulquer Salmaan’s show of skills in OK Kanmani and on the way Ram Gopal Varma mentions Mammootty as well saying that Mammootty is overrated actor in a sense compared to his son and he have to learn something from his son to be more natural in acting and so on.

It had become a big issue among fans and film lovers and it stimulated an expected online attack towards Ram Gopal Varma which culminated in Ram Gopal Varma saying sorry to Mammootty if he hurt Mammootty’s feelings. But Ram Gopal Varma did not forget to take a dig at those while saying sorry as he said that he is apologizing to those who don’t have the sense to know or understand what he said in his comments and advised Dulquer Salmaan to make his father understand what he meant in those tweets which had blown out of proportion according to him.

Prakashraj, Ram Charan Teja, Mammootty, Ganesh

Prakashraj, Ram Charan Teja, Mammootty and Ganesh

The fake news which came after that is about Telugu star Ram Charan Teja who reportedly said that he does not know who is Mammootty and said he knows Mohanlal. Earlier his brother Allu Arjun said that Mohanlal is his most favourite actor in Mollywood and he has respect for Mammootty as an artist. But later it was revealed that the news heard about Ram Charan Teja saying those words were absolute fake as Ram Charan did not tweeted anything like it and it was some third rate online pages that spread this false news just to troll Mammootty and it has been common thing in our social media circles now to insult, abuse and to create fake news against people like Mohanlal and Mammootty.

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