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Fake news spreading that Mammootty hits out against RSS

Fake news spreading that Mammootty hits out against RSS

Spreading fake news in the name of celebrities is now-a-days like a common thing but it is creating more serious impact than we expecting it to be. We saw many such instances to insult or giving boost to a certain section of society or community or even promoting political agendas as well. The fact is that the name of celebrities dragged in to this may not even know much about on the issue in which his name is dragged in. We saw it in the case of Mohanlal quite a lot of time that his name is dragged on to an issue to which he had not even any slightest connection with.

The latest on this victim list of celebrities in such a case was none other than another super star of Mollywood, Mammootty. There is a fake news spreading in social media that Mammootty had hit out against RSS.
The fake news says that Mammootty said that if the communal agenda of RSS have to be implemented in Kerala then they have to kill each and every communist in the state or in other words as long as a single communist is alive in this state, the RSS agenda cannot be implemented here in our state.

But the fact is that Mammootty never said such a statement in any interview or anywhere. He did not even know about what is they even saying in his name. Everybody knows that Mammootty is a follower of communist party but in this case he did not support any political parties or not released a statement like that at all. It is a framed statement in order to make the RSS followers to go against Mammootty. Someone had some selfish motives behind that and may be some wants to reap the fruit while Mammootty is being attacked by RSS and popular attention goes in that direction.

The same has happened with Mohanlal as well earlier when the fake remuneration issue in Lalisam allegation spread against his name the popular attention from Bar bribery case has been diverted to Lalisam issue and it is said as a political move by making Mohanlal a victim. The same planning may be find her in the case of Mammootty as well.

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