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Fake political posts spreading in the name of Mohanlal and Sreenivasan !

Fake political posts spreading in the name of Mohanlal and Sreenivasan

The election time has come again and the political parties trying their best to defeat the opponents and get power by winning the elections. The elections in one area of Kerala state is already over and on November 5, the election on other parts will take place. So as a part of trying all the means to influence the voters some political parties resort to the method of spreading fake statements in the name of popular and influential film artists and other celebrities. This time the victim of that tactic was Mohanlal and Sreenivasan.

Sreeniavasn already came out hitting against the posts spreading in his name saying that he never said the things quoted in the statement that is spreading in his name. The statement which spreading in the name of Sreenivasan says that the actor is against the communist party of India. The statement says that Sreenivasan had appealed to the voters to not to vote for communist party of India. Vineeth Sreenivasan’s name also included the statement as it is framed like Vineeth saying what Sreenivasan said to him. When a quote spreads in the name of Sreenivasan who had strong political views and had written one of the best political satires of Kerala named Sandhesham, people tend to be influenced by those quotes.

Then came posts in the name of Mohanlal, who is unarguably the most influential individual in Kerala. The posts spreading in the name of his says that Mohanlal said to support Narendra Modi and Bharathiya Janata party to make a change in India. But in fact Mohanlal did not said anything like that at all. It was happened in the name of Mammootty as well, few days back as a post spread carrying the logo of a popular online media that which said that Mammootty appealed the masses to support Narendra Modi.

These posts are quite misleading and may influence people. This is the new technique invented by followers of political parties to invite people’s attention to them and their political views. People who do not have strong political views can be influenced by these posts in the name of their favorite stars.

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