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First Look Motion Poster of Unni Mukundan’s ‘Get-Set Baby’ Captivates Social Media’s Attention

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First Look Motion Poster of Unni Mukundan’s ‘Get-Set Baby’ Captivates Social Media’s Attention

Unni Mukundan, currently riding a wave of success in his career, is gearing up for an array of exciting films, with ‘Get-Set Baby’ prominently positioned in his lineup. The unveiling of the film’s first-look motion poster has sparked fervent responses from cinephiles, igniting a wildfire of anticipation across various social media platforms.

In this upcoming venture, Unni Mukundan assumes the role of a Doctor, specifically an IVF specialist, promising a concoction of comedy and drama seamlessly interwoven with heartwarming emotional nuances. The creative reins of this film are in the capable hands of esteemed Director Vinay Govind, while the storyline unfolds from the creative minds of YV Rajesh and Anoop Ravindran.

The production of “Get-Set Baby” is fortified by the backing of Sajeev Soman, Suunil Jaiin, Prakshali Jain, and Sam George under the banners of Skanda Cinemas and Kingsmen LLP. The film’s essence lies in its ability to meld socially relevant content with a mix of comedy and emotions, placing a spotlight on Unni Mukundan’s acting prowess rather than merely his star status. The narrative will delve into the intricacies of human relationships in the contemporary world, weaving a poignant emotional fabric.

Nikhila Vimal takes on the role of the female lead, and with filming scheduled to commence soon, the movie is set to grace screens in 2024. Esteemed director and Editor Mahesh Narayanan will steer the editing department, while Alex J Pulickal will capture the film’s essence through the lens. The musical score by Sam CS is poised to add an extra layer of allure to the movie’s storytelling, while Sameera Saneesh’s expertise as the costume designer promises to visually elevate the characters. Sunil K George stands as the production designer of ‘Get-Set Baby.’

Unni Mukundan expresses his belief that ‘Get-Set Baby’ will endear him even more to family audiences, carving a place in their hearts with this endearing character. Following the tremendous success of ‘Malikappuram,’ Unni Mukundan’s stardom has soared to new heights, as he unveils a series of promising and captivating projects aimed at enthralling audiences across India.

The first look poster release of ‘Get-Set Baby’ has not just piqued interest; it has set the stage for what promises to be a heartfelt and entertaining cinematic journey, adding to the anticipation surrounding Unni Mukundan’s versatile talent and the cinematic brilliance of the movie.

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