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Guinness World Record for Pulimurugan!

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Guinness World Record for Pulimurugan!

The biggest blockbuster Malayalam has ever produced is not ready to just walk away from theaters so easily. Pulimurugan after conquering many a milestones in the industry is now also in the Guinness Book of World Records!

The Guinness records that the Mohanlal starer is the largest screened 3D movie in the world. Adlux Convention Center witnessed a grand event that happened yesterday, where more than 12000 people gathered to watch Murugan in 3D. The 150+ crore movie had beaten the record set earlier by Hollywood movie Men in Black 3, where 6000 people had attended to watch it’s 3D version.

Pulimurugan 3D is expected to jump on floors the 5th of May. The action thriller would get released in 60 theaters all over the state and would also have an All India release to follow.

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