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I will materialize Lalisom even without Mohanlal says Ratheesh Vega

I will materialize Lalisom even without Mohanlal says Ratheesh Vega

Lalisom is a word which was associated with the universal star Mohanlal and it is used to define the ultimate way of natural acting this actor can give us. Common people and many great film personalities said that each and every Malayali have a Lalisom in their attitude and it is running through their blood like a most integrated part of their life. That was the impact this actor had made upon the Mollywood film lovers and there is no one who gave such soulful portrayal of Malayali life on silver screen other than Mohanlal and that was Lalisom. So when Mohanlal had decided to start a music band in association with composer Ratheesh Vega they chose the name of the band as Lalisom. It was accepted very quickly and enthusiastically by the people here.

But everything turned upside down when the team had to make an under prepared show on a big stage of national games inauguration ceremony and it had failed miserably. The band was closed later and a dream of Mohanlal went in forgetfulness as the band had faced severe criticism and the word Lalisom which was used as an adjective to tell Mohanlal’s impact in Kerala turned to a word to troll him in social media. Along with him the man who faced severe criticism was the composer Ratheesh Vega who was the chief program co-ordinator of the music show.

Now in a recent interview with South Live, Ratheesh Vega said that he will materialize the Lalisom show even without Mohanlal in the team. Ratheesh Vega said that it was his duty to do justice to that great actor and personality called Mohanlal. Lalisom was his own idea and it was a result of the emotions that created by Mohanlal in heart and the new band of him named ‘Gangs of Vadakkum Nadhan’ can be called a first step towards that. He said he is not sure about the participation of Mohanlal in that as it will be the actor’s decision.

Ratheesh vega said that he will make people to praise the concept of Lalisom by presenting it in the way he and Mohanlal had dreamed to present it but unfortunately not able to do it at that time due to many reasons. Ratheesh Vega also said that Mohanlal had stood by his side during the tough times by frequently calling him and telling him not to worry about what had happened there at national games.

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