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It is Kshema’s second marriage, Says Anoop Menon

It is Kshema’s second marriage, Says Anoop Menon-Kshema Alexander-Onlookers Media

After the innings of an actor and writer, Mollywood’s one of the most talented artist Anoop Menon is all set to begin a new innings in life. Yes, he is going to be married to Kshema Alexander, his long time friend. Anoop menon’s marriage had been in news for a while. Earlier there was a gossip spreading that Anoop is in love relation with Actress Bhavana and they will be marrying very soon. But Anoop has announced his marriage with Kshema ,disappointing the efforts of all gossip makers.

Anoop has said to the medias about kshema. He said that Kshema is the daughter of a planter in pathanapuram. He is a well -known figure in his native place. Anoop and kshema are friends for almost 5 years and when kshema asked him about marriage he gave his consent to that proposal. In fact this is going to be Kshema’s second marriage. Her husband had died of heart attack a long time ago.

Anoop said that Kshema is a person who suffered a lot of tragedies in life and the one who faced all the difficulties with utmost courage and positive energy. It is that what he liked about her. Her mother was a cancer patient and it was she who nursed her for more than three years. She faced the challenges of life with her head held high. He also said that as far he is concerned he is achieved everything he wished in life,and had  the financial base to lead a family life. He only needs a partner who can lead the life with all its practicality and he found out that Kshema is the one who really fits into that category for him.

Anoop had also said that the public mindset about marrying a widow is still at its primitive stage as one of the neighbor told him not to marry a widow as an advice. The funny point in that the one who advised him was herself a widow and had a daughter also who is a widow and had another daughter who is on the verge of a divorce. He said that he is not doing a big thing by marrying a widow. In our modern society it was not a big thing at all. He needs a friend as his life partner and Kshema is a good friend who can share his life and thoughts.

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