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“I’ve never disrespected Mammootty”, says MB Padmakumar while bidding adieu to Facebook

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“I’ve never disrespected Mammootty”, says MB Padmakumar while bidding adieu to Facebook

Actor/director MB Padmakumar has decided to quit Facebook. He said that during a live interaction with his followers. For the past few months, Padmakumar’s posts have been very controversial. In the live video he said that he has not tried to deliberately tarnish anyone but still is quitting Facebook as he cannot take the flak anymore.

In the video he is heard saying, “I had written a post about Mammootty sir but never intended to disrespect him. It was Mammootty who gave me a chance in a movie. I admire him a lot. Once Lohithadas sir had told me to watch Mammootty’s movies so that I can learn many new things. He told me not to watch with the visual but with the audio. Beacuse for an actor voice is more important that visual. One can observe that from Mammootty.”

Earlier, Padmakumar had written a controversial post about Mammootty which he later deleted. In the post, MB Padmakumar had written that he hates Mammootty for being part of too many commercial masala movies.

He was of opinion that Mammootty is trying to do all sorts of gimmicky to forcibly stop his age and as a result he is wasting his karma to try and elevate Malayalam cinema to an international platform. Padmakumar urged that the Mammootty seen in the times of Ponthan Mada, Vidheyan and Thaniyavarthanam should return back. He should do away with the current trend of doing upper class Malayali roles and return back to his good old days atleast occasionally.

Padmakumar has acted in several movies and television serials. His directorial debut My Life Partner finished second best in the 45th Kerala State Film Awards, and also won him the award for Best Lead Actor.

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