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Kamal Haasan’s Marudhanayagam to be revived; Will it be bigger than Baahubali?

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Kamal Haasan’s Marudhanayagam to be revived; Will it be bigger than Baahubali?

Speculations are rife about the revival of Kamal Haasan’s long delayed project Marudhanayagam. The talks were triggered after posters of this dream project were showcased in the Cannes Film Festival recently. Some posters of Marudhanayagam were displayed in the Cannes Film market and it soon viral in the internet. Fans and cine lovers are highly excited about the movie.

It is well known that Kamal Hassan has been trying to resume the project, which was shelved several years ago due to budget constraints. Marudhanayagam was officially launched in 1997 by Queen Elizabeth II. It is a period film revolving around an 18th-century warrior, Mohammad Yusuf Khan, who is said to have led the first rebellion against the British Raj way before India’s first war of independence.

Marudhanayagam was touted to become the most expensive Indian film at the time. According to certain reports, Marudhanayagam required a whopping Rs 85 crores (equivalent to 650 crores in today’s value) during that time for it’s completion. Kamal Haasan had to shelve the project as he could not find the investors.

In an interview, Kamal Hassan is quoted saying about this dream project of his, “I need not only the money but also a powerful distribution network from the west to take hold of it and release it properly because it is an English, French, Tamil film. That is the virtue of the film and it has to be done like that. It is not a project that I can sell and walk away. I can start anytime on this project as I already have the first 30 minutes of it ready. I need to ready another two hours of content.”

Earlier this year, there were rumours about Kamal Haasan collaborating with Lyca Productions to revive Marudhanayagam. However, there was no official confirmation regarding that. Now speculations have once again risen after the posters were displayed in Cannes. If Marudhanayagam is revived, it will perhaps be a bigger project than the Baahubali franchise.

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