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Kollywood film maker Vetrimaran showered praise on Lens Malayalam movie

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Kollywood film maker Vetrimaran showered praise on Lens Malayalam movie

Malayalam Movie named Lens has made its place in the news headlines here in Mollywood when master director Lal Jose said that it is one of the best films he saw recently and he loved it so much that he took up the responsibility of distributing the film here in Kerala. Lal Jose had said that he don’t want such a socially relevant and well-made film to be get ignored here, without getting enough screens.

Apart from Lal Jose, Vineeth Sreenivasan also came out and appreciated the film after watching it in a special screening arranged for him by the director of this film. Vineeth Sreenivasan said that it is a must watch movie for the internet addict young generation here in Kerala. Now, this Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan directorial film had got praise from Kollywood as well. Popular Kollywood film maker Vertrimaran also came forward by praising this movie.

Vetrimaran said that Lens is a well written movie which has great relevance in our modern day society. The cinematography is brilliant as well which contributed to enhance the total impact of the film. He said that the casting was apt and the audience can feel their pain, agonies and relate with the relationships the characters have in the film. They are just like living characters in front of us. He opined that Lens is not just a thriller even though it is a very thrilling film to watch. It is one of the best contemporary films he saw recently. The film questions our moral consciousness and it also questions the way in which we are using the social media and internet now-a-days.

Vetrimaran said that it is a kind of film which will make you entertain as well as makes you think. It will make you cry and at the same time will help to make you a better person. According to Vetrimaran, Lens unfold before the audience in quite an exciting manner and it should not be missed. Such a great praise from one of the best Film Makers in India is really a great achievement for the entire cast and crew of this film. The flick will hit the screens on June 17, distributed by LJ Films.

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