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Lady reviewer has to remove her Pulimurugan review after receiving flak from film lovers

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Lady reviewer has to remove her Pulimurugan review after receiving flak from film lovers

Pulimurugan, the Mohanlal starrer is going great guns in Kerala and outside Kerala with stunning reviews from all over and it is having record-breaking box office run.

People from all generation had accepted the film with both hands and family audience are rushing to screens to watch the Pulimurugan avatar of Mohanlal.

Family audience is waiting outside the screens in Kerala till mid night to get tickets to watch the movie and in last few years, Mollywood is not witnessed such a great frenzy for a movie.

Everybody says that it is a never to miss movie from theaters and people are watching it again and again. But now, a lady reviewer, named Nisha Menon Chembakassery, had come up with a negative review of Pulimurugan after watching the movie.

Her review was different in a sense that she used a humorous language to tell her opinion about the movie. But the fact is that it looks like a deliberate move to degrade the film.

When film lovers and fans saw her review, they had come up with strong reactions against her and that made her remove that review from her Facebook account.

Nisha Menon Chembakassery is an employee in All India Radio. Film lovers are asking that when such a big film is going great and become a source of pride for Malayalees, why these kind of degrading reviews are coming out in the name of so-called freedom of expression.

Common people is of the opinion that, Malayalam Cinema is growing big with Pulimurugan and we have to support it. That may be the reason why they had attacked Nisha Menon’s negative review.

Earlier, one or two popular online reviewers also received flak from the audience, because of their deliberate attempt to degrade Pulimurugan with negative reviews.

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