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Loham will tell a unique story, says Ranjith

Loham will tell a unique story, says Ranjith

M-Town is always buzzing when it comes to one name. It is Mohanlal and his name is enough to make a film the most awaited one in Kerala. That may be the reason why in North Indian states or in industry like Bollywood they calls Mohanlal, ‘the demigod of Kerala’. A film with Mohanlal playing the central role makes it to whatever be the genre gets the maximum reach in Kerala. Unlike others stars, Mohanlal with his role as cameo in some films gets much attention.

Now Loham conceived by Ranjith starring Mohanlal is all set to conquer the box office as well as the hearts of Malayalees. Ranjith was silent all this time about what is Loham is all about and all the hype which is happening around the film, as it is a film with much expectation and the most trusted pair of Mollywood; filmmaker Ranjith and Actor Mohanlal. Being nostalgic about their previous blockbuster films people think that Loham will also be one of its kind adding one more successful movie to their team.

But Ranjith says that it is not saying that it follows a unique way of telling its story and also the background of the story and characterization of Mohanlal is very different and he confirmed, he really meant when he said the word ‘different’ to describe the film.

Ranjith told medias that ‘Loham’ is about exploring various angles of an issue which is happening in our society nowadays. We are witnessing many issues, crimes and heard news about many people found guilty during an act of crime and so on. But we never thinks that everything has another side as well and there are different angles to that story. We don’t know what exactly made that incident or why it happened. We do not find out what happened in the situation other than what we are reported. Loham explores that part of life where there is many angles to an incident. There are people who commit crime knowingly and there are people who does it unknowingly. There is a strange world of crime in our society and Loham goes somewhat deep in to that concept.

It is a story that took place in the gap of few days and will follow a very distinguished style of telling the story which will be its highlight for sure.

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