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Lokesh Kanagaraj Unveils First Look Poster of Vijay Kumar’s ‘Fight Club’ in Grand Production Debut

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Lokesh Kanagaraj Unveils First Look Poster of Vijay Kumar’s ‘Fight Club’ in Grand Production Debut

In a much-anticipated move, Lokesh Kanagaraj, the acclaimed director behind films like Kaithi, Vikram, Master, and ‘Leo,’ has stepped into the realm of film production, presenting his maiden venture titled ‘Fight Club.’ The project marks the return of Vijay Kumar, the trailblazing talent whose debut film ‘Uriyadi’ propelled him to stardom. After a hiatus, Vijay Kumar’s return to the silver screen is nothing short of a grand spectacle.

‘Fight Club’ promises an adrenaline-packed narrative, set to enthrall audiences with its gripping storyline. The recently unveiled first-look poster, bathed in a striking red hue, hints at an electrifying action drama in the offing. The poster, unleashed by Kanagaraj himself, signifies the commencement of an eagerly awaited cinematic journey under his production banner, G Squad.

Helmed by director Abbas A. Rahmath, ‘Fight Club’ is a project simmering with anticipation, coupled with music composed by the acclaimed Govind Vasantha. While the details about the female lead and supporting cast remain under wraps, the film’s post-production strides forward, gearing up for a December release this year.

This much-awaited theatrical outing by Vijay Kumar after a four-year hiatus holds the promise of a gripping narrative, marking his first collaboration under another director’s vision. The film’s fervent fan base eagerly awaits this action-packed spectacle, envisaging a cinematic marvel that will captivate and thrill audiences alike. As the countdown begins, ‘Fight Club’ emerges as the epitome of entertainment, poised to set screens ablaze with its explosive action and compelling storyline

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