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Maharashtra Nirman Sena against Shahrukh Khan’s Dilwale

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It is not the first time that political parties and different religious associations or organizations comes against films, specially, against Bollywood films which has reach all over the country. The last such prominent issue was against the film PK, directed by Raj Kumar Hirani and starred by Aamir Khan. Hindu and Muslim Religious organizations mainly came out against film as they said that the team behind the film had insulted God, religious beliefs and rituals through the film. Anyway the film had become the biggest ever success in Indian Cinema and still remains in that position. That is a fact which tells us that common audience loved it and they accepted the film with both hands. The latest one in this list is

The latest one in this list is Shahrukh Khan and Kajol starrer flick named Dilwale directed by Rohit Shetty. Maharashtra Nirman Sena or more precisely their associated party had come out against the film saying that people have to avoid seeing that film from theaters and they will do big campaigns against film as well as per reports.

The issue is that Shahrukh Khan sometime before had made a statement about the intolerance in our country and that had become a big controversy as well. Many Hindu organizations and political parties with inclination towards Hindu religion had come out against Shahrukh Khan at that time. Some even said Shahrukh Khan to go to Pakistan as his heart is batting for them as he is a Muslim. But Shahrukh Khan had got major support from Public and from all corners and the controversy almost died out as they got a new victim in the form of Aamir Khan who later made the same comment about intolerance in India.

MNS says that Shahrukh Khan is making a lot of money from Maharashtra but never helps the poor people there. So they have to stop seeing his films and teach him a lesson. Chithrapadh Karmachari Sena which is associated with MNS had said this. Shahrukh Khan had reacted that the film is for people and people will make it a success. It is the second venture of Rohit Shetty with Sharukh Khan after the success of Chennai Express.

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