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Mammootty rejected by jury as they thinks he is too handsome

Mammootty rejected by jury as they thinks he is too handsome

A really surprising news was heard about the state awards that announced yesterday regarding the rejection of Mammootty from the list of the completion for best after award. Mammootty was out from the competition in the second round of the screening itself and it had been said by a jury member reportedly. In the final round they only considered Nivin Pauly, Jayasurya and Sudev Nair and later Nivin pauly and Sudev Nair shared the honor. And now the script writer of the film Munnariyippu had come out against jury who rejected Mammootty.

According to the reports the jury members had said that Mammootty’s character in Munnariyippu was rejected by the jury members because he was looking too glamorous for the character named Raghavan who was in the jail for more than 14 years. The Jury chairman John Paul reportedly said that Mammootty’s character portrayal has become unrealistic because of the high handsome level of the central character. Unni R, who is the screenplay writer of the flick said that if that is the reason why they did not consider Mammootty’s performance for awards then he did not need that award at all. Unni R criticized the Jury members saying that whether they considered an actor’s glamour or beauty than his performance.

Unni said that he had made that character after researching so much by visiting jails in Kerala. He said that Govinda Chamy’ who is in jail is a good example. When he went to jail he was not at all looking good and after some years jail he looks better and well. In Munnariyippu too the character played by Mammootty named Raghavan is living inside the jail premises by working there and he is not much disposed to hard sunlight as well. That is the reason why he is looking fair and handsome.

Unni R also said sarcastically that he is pleading with government to not to make an order to the film makers that from now on all characters from jail premises should be looking ugly or something like that. Jury chairman John paul and director of the film Venu had not reacted to this at all.

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