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Mammootty unfazed by criticisms for supporting Jallikattu protests

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Mammootty unfazed by criticisms for supporting Jallikattu protests

Megastar Mammootty had earlier voiced his support for the pro Jallikattu protests in Tamil Nadu. He released a video in which he said, “Without depending on any political party, without the support of any leader, without gender, religious and caste and differences without any sort of violence, lakhs of people are protesting in Tamilnadu. This struggle of Tamils is a role model for India.”

However, a section of Malayalis criticised the actor for keeping silent on various issues in Kerala and for supporting the protests happening in Tamil Nadu. Some even went to the extent of calling this as a publicity stunt as his new Tamil movie Peranbu is about to release soon. But Mammootty like always is unfazed by the talks around. The actor has once again supported the movement in Tamil Nadu and compared it with the usual strikes in Kerala. He was of the opinion that Malayalis can never even imagine about such peaceful and united protests.

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Mammootty said, “Whenever we protest against any issue in Kerala, half the people will be happily sitting home and criticizing the others. Our protests are mostly centered around damaging KSRTC buses and other properties. In our State, we saw people who even opposed the protests by the fishermen. Jallikattu is not torturing the bulls. Unlike the western countries where animals are brutally killed, Jallikattu is a sport of heroism and gallantry. It is an emotion for Tamil people.”

Mammootty also added that he was amazed by the unity of the people in Tamil Nadu who are protesting without the support of any leaders.

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