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Michael Jackson wanted to marry Emma Watson when she was 11 year old

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Michael Jackson wanted to marry Emma Watson when she was 11 year old

King of Pop, Late Michael Jackson is still making news and once again for all the wrong reasons. His personal doctor named Dr Conrad Murray had written a book and in that book he explained all this negative sides of Michael Jackson. The book had come out on Tuesday and these revelations had really shook the world.

He said that the popular singer always wanted to marry a 12 year old girl and he was planning to marry the 12 year old daughter of Oliverstar Mark Lester, who was a friend of his. At that time he told his doctor that he really like the Harry Potter star Emma Watson as well and he may have married her if he is not fixated on Harriet Lester.

Doctor Conrad said that the singer had fell in love with Harriet when she was just 5 years old and. During the “This is It” concert in London, he was planning to go and meet her father and discuss about his wedding plans, says Doctor. Revelation about this sickening Obsession of Jackson on very young girls was had really shook the world, really his followers now.

There were many rumors about him related to child sex abuse and he had spent million to settle many such cases. Young Boys and girls were a weakness for him, says the personal physician of Jackson. Dr. Conrad had revealed many things about Jackson’s personal life in his book and he said that it is the right time to reveal all things.

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