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Mohanlal speaks about Kalabhavan Mani : A great memoir and a perfect reply to his critics as well

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Mohanlal speaks about Kalabhavan Mani : A great memoir and a perfect reply to his critics as well

Mollywood superstar Mohanlal was under attack by some lunatics in social media last day. The reason was terrible as they criticized Mohanlal using the death of popular actor Kalabhavan Mani as a weapon to harass. The attack was deliberate and there was great protest against those who attacked in social media. The critics said that Mohanlal had said nothing to media as a memoir to Kalabhavan Mani even after working a handful of films with the Late actor.

But the fact is that Mohanlal had already expressed his shock and pain to the media but in a few words as he was mentally very down after hearing the news about Kalabhavan Mani’s death. Now, after recovering from that shock, Mohanlal had given a touching memoir and through that given a perfect reply to his critics, who are already in their hideouts after reading his words.

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Mohanlal said that, only the deaths of a few people had made him shell-shocked or numb and this news of Kalabhavan Mani had made him like that. Mohanlal said that Kalabhavan Mani was more than a brother to him. Kalabhavan Mani had told everything that happened in his life to him right from his childhood and they together had many personal moments to cherish. He always comes to meet Mohanlal and talks him whenever he needs an advice and whenever he was desperate and disappointed.

Mohanlal said that he was frequently calling to Amrita Hospital when Mani was admitted there and he knows that Kalabhavan Mani’s health was really poor. They had talked a lot about the medical ways through which he can become healthy again. But when he heard the news of Kalabhavan Mani’s death, he was really shocked. The photos of Kalabhavan Mani that came through whatsapp was painful. He did not come to visit Mani because of that. He did not know what to tell to his family and how to console them.

Mohanlal said that he had even talked a lot to Mani’s mother as well. So he just tried to work hard and work more on the set of his new film to keep the thoughts away that was really hurting him. Mohanlal concluded his words by saying that he does not know more than this to say about the death of a person who was so close to his heart.

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