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Mohanlal and Jeethu Joseph’s ‘Neru’ Hits Theaters Tomorrow: Unveiling the Theater List

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Mohanlal and Jeethu Joseph’s ‘Neru’ Hits Theaters Tomorrow: Unveiling the Theater List

Prepare for an immersive cinematic journey as Jeethu Joseph, the master storyteller, reunites with the iconic Mohanlal for their fourth collaboration in the highly anticipated ‘Neru’. With the trailer, posters, and a viral song, the movie has set expectations soaring, creating an electrifying buzz among audiences.

Set to grace screens worldwide on December 21st, ‘Neru’ unveils its theater lists across diverse markets, promising an expansive release both domestically and overseas.

Jeethu Joseph, buoyant with the reception, underscores the depth of the storyline and its engaging presentation, fueling the heightened anticipation among eager audiences.

‘Neru’ emerges as an emotionally charged courtroom drama, intricately weaving a narrative of justice and profound human emotions. Co-crafted by Actress and Advocate Shanthi Mayadevi alongside director Jeethu Joseph, the film delves into ethical dilemmas, compassion, and the complexities of the human experience.

At the core of this poignant tale are exceptional performances from a stellar ensemble cast featuring Priyamani, Siddique, Ganesh Kumar, Anaswara Rajan, Jagadeesh, Nandu, and more. The synergy of Satheesh Kurupu’s evocative cinematography, VS Vinayak’s precise editing, and Vishnu Shyam’s stirring musical score enhances the immersive experience ‘Neru’ promises to deliver.

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