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Mohanlal is incomparable says M Padmakumar

Mohanlal is incomparable says M Padmakumar

M Padmakumar is coming this Thursday with the much anticipated Mohanlal flick named Kanal. The positive factor before the release of the film is that the flick is not creating any kind of over hype even though the teaser and trailer had given the hope of getting a good film. The film said to be one which utilizes Mohanlal as an actor more than Mohanlal as a commercial commodity. The director even this before the start of the shoot as well that he is looking forward to make use of the acting skill of Mohanlal rather than his star power which is the topmost among Malayalam film actors. Padmakumar is now in awe of this actor’s performance in the film and says that Mohanlal as an actor and as person is incomparable. He said this in an exclusive interview given to Manorama online.

Padmakumar says he chose Mohanlal not only because he is his favorite actor, but the comfort level he shares with Mohanlal and the range of output he gives as an actor made him to choose him as the male lead of this film. This character was really made for him and each and every spectator can feel it after watching the film. Mohanlal’s cooperation to the director and entire team of the film is awesome to say the least.

He says that this is the case with all the film and directors he works with. He dedicates himself to the film and character and do whatever we say to do for the perfection of the character. He never shows any discrimination to the unit members and he will be with each and every one without any starry air flowing around him. No one in the set cannot forget the moments with Mohanlal all through their life.

Padmakumar said that Mohanlal never even complained even for once when the shoot had to follow some extreme sessions through great heat and weather problems. That is his greatness and that’s what make him the best as a person as well. He said that each fore main actors in this film done an amazing job and hopes that we all will like it after watching the film.

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