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Mohanlal is one of the best in the world says Vinay Forrt

Mohanlal is one of the best in the world says Vinay Forrt

Vinay Forrt is one of the most popular actor in Mollywood right now. Even though he had proven his great talent before the Malayali audience through various characters the character he played in the recent blockbuster named Premam ha really turned his career and that character had made him a household name among Malayalees. The Java sir he played and his association with the character played by Soubin Shaheer had made the audience laugh out loudly and everyone just loved him as an actor. His every dialogues in the film got popular more than the dialogues spoken by the hero Nivin Pauly in that film.

Vinay Forrt is known for his easy acting as well how natural he performs as a character. The words Easy, natural, effortless etc are associated with only one man in Indian cinema by everyone in Indian film industry. That is our own Mohanlal, the complete actor of Indian cinema. From Amitab Bachchan to Kamal Haasan, from Aamir Khan to ilaya thalapathy Vijay every one is a fan of this actor and without any doubt we can say that he is the actor who is followed by the most number of technicians and artist in Indian cinema and they had expressed it many times as well.

Vinay Fort comes latest in to that ever widening list of the followers of Mohanlal. In a recent media interview with a popular television channel, Vinay Fort openly said that he is a great Mohanlal fan from his childhood and Mohanlal is the actor who had inspired him and made an impact on him. Vinay Fort said that Mohanlal is a brilliant actor and if we have to pick 3 best actors Indian cinema has ever seen then one of them will be Mohanlal.

Vinay said that he had seen many foreign films and following many world famous actors and can say with utmost sureness that Mohanlal is probably one of the best actor the world has ever seen. It may be only because he acts in Mollywood which is only a small film industry that his caliber is unknown to the wider world.

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