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Mohanlal’s latest blog going viral in social media with great applause

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Mohanlal’s latest Blob titled ‘Regretful apology before this hunger’ is going viral in social media as well as in all media platforms in Kerala now. The blog this actor has been receiving great applause from the readers and many of them marking it as one of the best blogs they ever read. Mohanlal is proved that he is prolific writer and social critic through his great blogs for years and he is still making it better and better. His each words are just looks like a mirror that is hold against the events happening in our society and that honesty making his writing amazing as well as worth sharing.

Mohanlal has written in his new blog based on a news he saw in Mathrubhoomi Newspaper some days back. The news was written by Nasar Valiyedathu and it was a news about some Tribal Children who are eating the wastes as they are hungry and they don’t have proper food to eat. Mohanlal says that the picture and that news was just made his heart sink with pain and it disturbed him a lot. He had seen the tribal people very closely as he had many chance to work in forests and even in one film he had acted as a tribal young man as well. That is why this condition of theirs had made him disturbed so much. He says that for this condition of theirs, we all are responsible. The Government, people and he himself responsible for such a poor condition of these people.

Mohanlal questions that where all those money has gone which is declared by the government officials and organizations for the development of Tribal people. Where is the media who comes to the rescue of people who needs help. He says that media is celebrating political corruptions, Election etc. Mohanlal also says that even social media ignored this news and it seems that they too are happy in sharing news which insults and mocks individuals and ideals of others etc.

In this blog Mohanlal said that we all are wasting food every day and then there are some who have to eat waste as they have no food to eat. He says that not just tribal people but no one in our society have to stay hungry. That is the real development. He as an ending note of his blog says that he also responsible for this situation like many others and seeking apology from all for this. Through this blog he urges many to help and support them along with him.

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