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Moideen, a character made for Prithviraj only

Moideen, a character made for Prithviraj only

Ennu Ninte Moideen had already become one of the romantic classics of Malayalam cinema history. People are placing the film along with classic Malayalam romantic movies like Nammukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal and Thoovana Thumbikal came from Mohanlal- Padmarajan team in 1980’s. Along with the film the lead pair in it also getting tremendous appreciation from the masses and critics alike. Specially when it comes to the male lead Prithviraj. People hailing him as the next super star of M-town as well as next big thing in acting after Mohanlal and Mammootty.

Moideen is a role that really made for Prithviraj or he made it look like that way with his sterling performance. In Malayalam cinema the first great romantic hero was Prem Nazeer. The Madhu came up with the epic Pareekkutty from the movie Chemmeen. But the hero who really made the Malayali audience fall in love is Mohanlal as he is still the greatest romantic hero in mollywood and even at this age of his no one can express romance as good as he can. There are fans for his romantic films from outside our industry as well.

Many actors here tried to raise to that level by portraying some great romantic roles but all of them just ended up as just good romantic heroes and as you all know there is a great difference between being great and being good. But Prithviraj with his portal of Moideen has surpassed that level of so called ‘Good Romantic Hero’ and now he is one among the best in Malayalam film industry and it is Moideen had helped him to attain that.

Prithviraj had really made the character of Moideen immortal through his fabulous portrayal of him and in every minute expressions he made us feel that it was Moideen not Prithviraj any more. We can’t even imagine any other in place of Moideen other than Prithviraj in that role. The real Kanchanamala told RS Vimal before the start of the film that if Prithviraj agrees to play the character of Moideen then only she will support the cause of making her life story in to a film. That itself says that Moideen is made for Prithviraj and may he is the one who designed by god to play the real life romantic hero named Moideen.

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