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Namitha in Mohanlal’s Pulimurugan

Namitha in Mohanlal’s Pulimurugan

Tamil glamour heroine Namitha in Mohanlal’s Pulimurugan. The selfie together with Mohanlal and Namitha are getting viral in all the social media platforms. Everywhere its discussions on Kanal and Pulimurugan when it is about Lalettan. Namitha is back in Malayalam after a long time and this come back by Namitha is looked forward by everyone that she has been out of shape for a long time. Now she is regaining her looks back and getting fit to act along with Mohanlal on silver screen. Her latest stills simplify that she has been really working hard to lose her weight achieving her fitness back in action.

Namitha Latest Photos 

Namitha’s new pictures are really cute when compared to her previous looks. Since everything is done in utmost secrecy the details about the team of Pulimurugan is not officially revealed. There has been reports on the villain role played in the movie which we reported earlier that the main villain is a Leopard and another villain is played by popular South Indian actor Kishore. The movie is directed by Vysakh and is written by Udayakrishna. There has been reports which has been out about the star cast of the film and the technicians involved in it.

The star casts include Kollywood actor Prabhu, Kamalini Mukherjee, Bala, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Vinu Mohan and the stunts will be choreographed by Peter Hein, who is considered to be the best in the field. It is also revealed that the stunt sequence in the movie will be the best one that the protagonist and the antagonist will come face to face which means Mohanlal and Leopard will have that amazing fight sequence in the movie. The producer of the movie is Tomichan Mulakupadam under the banner Mulakupadam Films. Shaji and Gopi Sunder will handle the DOP and Music Direction respectively. The movie shoot is presently going at the Pooyamkutty forests near Kothamangalam and the movie is expected to be released on the eve of Christmas.

Mohanlal’s Kanal is prepared to be released soon as the motion posters of the movie is out and is creating a wave in the social networking sites. The movie Loham which was released during the Onam occasion got great response from the viewers on its first day that the Team of Kanal and Pulimurugan are also expecting a massive hit when the movies get released. Loham broke the first day record collection at Box Office that even if the movie was rated above average it got good reception and out of the 5 movies released during Onam, Loham succeeded to be the best out of the lot.

When the Pulimurugan poster was released Mohanlal’s Pulimurugan looks were also a much discussed subject on the media. After Loham, its Kanal for the Mohanlal Fans to celebrate which is by the team behind Shikkar directed by M. Padmakumar. Hope all these projects turn out to be back to back hits for Lalettan and celebration for Mohanlal Fans.

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