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Nivin delighted competing along with Mammootty for the award

Nivin Pauly with Mammootty

In an exclusive live news given for Manorama, Nivin Pauly, one of the Best Actor of 2014 expressed his heartfelt happiness and gratitude to all the ones who have been a part of his journey. When Manorama reporter asked him about how he felt when competing along with the senior artist like Mammootty, and winning it ? His answer was with lot of respect and dedication to the Megastar of Indian Cinema replying “I did not really expect this award coming all the way and an actor like Mammookka is a person I have utmost devotion, being an actor who came in final round along with this legend is something else, Mammookka’s acting is amazing that nowhere people like me can reach, he is truly one of the best the country has ever seen” with a smile on his face. When the reporter asked about his increased responsibilities he replied with an yes and he confirms that he will do more movies which he can have good subject value and art in it, he added.

The reporter’s question about his increased graph made him laugh and comment that ‘I think it is a good time for me that it’s back to back success all the way leading to the State Award for Best Actor. After this interview, all the people around who buzz about he shouldn’t have got the award will just be a gossip. Because he is very much delighted to be in the Malayalam cinema and winning the awards with what he learned watching his seniors of Indian cinema. Onlookers Media would like to congratulate this innocent actor and the mind to share the truth, and yes Nivin Pauly deserves to be the Best Actor of 2014, because he learned acting from the BIG M’s Mammookka and Lalettan, the pillars of Malayalam Cinema and the other artists who created magic in the celluloid.

Its Nivin’s time, that is people in Social Media keep discussing this actors growth in every way telling the important work of his time Neram quoting ‘Ithu Nivinte Neramaanu’. A person like him who is very much dedicated to his senior artists can be very much called he is a devotee and he is an actor who follows Mammookka and Mohanlal in a way that cannot be explained. Through his down to earth behavior which has resulted in the awards turning all his way. Before this award he was accredited by SIIMA Awards for being the Best Actor in Malayalam received from The complete actor, Mohanlal. There he took his blessing by touching his feet and this guy has earned it, there he has the State Best Actor Award, which implies the blessings from his idols /gurus has taken him a long way in the history of Malayalam cinema.

This actor who started off his acting career in Malarvadi Arts Club(2010) directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan and from there till here he has been that promising actor Mollywood has ever seen. He has done some remarkable works in the year 2014 like 1983, Ohm Shanthi Oshaana, Banglore Days and Vikramadithyan and continues to impress his talent through 2015 in project like Mili, Oru Vadakkan Selfie, Ivide, and his 23rd movie Premam. Premam fever has been viral all over spreading love in the pairing of Actor Nivin Pauly- Alphonse Puthran, the director.

Along with these there has people who did not agree this award, saying this was nonsense but after knowing his devotion to the legends the people started to think out of the box accepting this was fair enough. Since, Mammootty was in the final round of the award all the malayalees thought it would be him who is going to be crowned the Best Actor 2014 but we, Onlooker Media thinks in a way they will feel proud that the people who have following them has achieved the Best Actor Award competing along in the same category. That is the biggest award achieved by Mammootty and Mohanlal all over these years, they have been an inspiration and the legends is still continuing with the latest example of Nivin Pauly on the list.

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