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Online made super stars on the floor

Super Star Mohanlal Mega Star Mammootty-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

Our Malayalam film industry is witnessing somewhat a unique kind of phenomenon for past few days. Can you guess what is that..? It is something funny and at the same time awkward. The thing happening in our online medias is that they are making a super star out of the blue and now- a-days they calls anyone with a success a Super Star. As far as this is concerned we don’t really know what is the mindset behind this trend but we are sure of one thing that whoever making this trend had some mental problems for sure.

How a star rises in our industry..? Now that is a relevant question and the answer to which is very relevant in the current scenario. A super star is the one who can bring people to the theater with his name. A super star is one who can make a film successful with his performance alone even if the film lacks quality. A super star is one who can deliver hits for a long time consistently and a super star is one who perform in almost every kind of films and deliver success through all of that flicks.

In that sense we have only two super stars in our Industry. Mr.Mohanlal and Mr. Mammootty and they are our super stars for the past 30+ years and the central pillers of our industry. But now-a-days anyone who gets 2 or 3 back to back hits is called a super hits and the most funny thing is that even they can’t believe what this online medias are doing. They are now in a situation just like we saw the character of innocent in the film ‘Kilukkam’ who got cheated by the character of Revathy who tells him that he had won a lottery of 10 lakhs and Ambassador car.

The point here to be noted that these so called stars have hits but if we check the variety of the characters they had done in these hit films it will be different only in the names of the characters they played. The variety of characters played by Mohanlal and Mammootty during the years in which they rose to stardom is astonishing. Particularly in the case of Mohanlal the character variety and the number of hits he had given through various types of cinema is incomparable in our Indian film industry.

But still our medias which either gone mad or pretending to be mad compares these upcoming youngsters with Mohanlal and in one of the post against comparing a young star with Mohanlal it is said that someone had made a century in the school ground and right away he is compared with Sachin Tendular. In fact that was an apt one for it.

There was Suresh Gopi, Jayaram, Dileep, Prithviraj and in 80’s and 90’s actors like Shankar and Rahman had many hits and all called them the next super stars. Many of them are not even here now and many of them are struggling at the bottom of the table. But still Mohanlal and Mammootty is here like Kings and will be here forever.

All this buzz may be a promotion trick from medias but it will really affect the careers of these youngsters just like what happened in Indian cricket sometime back. If a young player plays well straight away compares him with Sachin and dravid and then we see he fails to perform up to expectations and finds himself out of the team.

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