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Parvatii Nair reveals that she was approached for Aruvi and Arjun Reddy!

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Parvatii Nair reveals that she was approached for Aruvi and Arjun Reddy!

Parvatii Nair is going through a good phase in her career. She has bagged the opportunities to work with legends like Priyadarshan and Mohanlal. While she plays one of the leads in the former’s Tamil film Nimir, she will be sharing screen space with Mohanlal in the upcoming Ajoy Varma directorial. Though the actress is highly excited about these projects, she is also disappointed about missing two golden opportunities.

In a recent interview, Parvatii revealed that she was initially approached for Arjun Reddy and Aruvi, two of the most talked about movies in recent years. Apparently, when Sandeep Vanga Reddy, the director of Arjun Reddy, narrated the script to her, Parvatii was a bit hesitant to do the film because of the intimate scenes. There were a few liplocks and kissing scenes. She did not have the confidence to do the film as it was supposed to be the director’s and lead actor Vijay Deverakonda’s first film, but then, his Pelli Choopulu released before that. Parvatii also felt that the story was very simple and ordinary. It was only after she watched the film did she realize how big an opportunity she had let go off. Parvatii also credited director Sandeep for converting a normal love story, into an impactful film, with so much of life in it.

Similarly for Aruvi, Parvatii was approached in February 2015. The makers had told her she would have to shave her head for the script. She thought it was a festival film and was not sure whether to do the film. Now that Aruvi has become such a sensational hit, she feels it was a big miss. Parvatii had fallen into a state of depression for two weeks for missing Aruvi, and for a month, for missing Arjun Reddy.

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