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Pathemari slowly but steadily capturing Malayali hearts

Pathemari slowly but steadily capturing Malayali hearts

Pathemari, at last it had come today in the silver screens and generating positive reviews all over. The flick conceived by National award winner Salim Ahamed can boast off a technical crew and cast which is also got national recognitions and the flick had come from a team that has great quality. The flick scripted and directed by Salim Ahamed telling the story of the life of Non Resident Indians and the life struggles they goes through to support their families. But still they got nothing personally as a gain apart from the denial of even the loved ones. They only gets the happiness of seeing their family living happily and that too standing in a far away land.

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Mammootty’s Pallickal Narayanan is the hero of the story whose NRI life starts at his younger days and he is one among the first malayalees who went to Gulf countries to revive his poor family from ruins and make them stand in with their head held high in the society. He succeeds in that but he never get his own share of happiness and acknowledgement even from his own family members. Always denial and separation from family is that what he got. Many time he thought of not going back after came to his home. But the life struggle and situation is such that he is forced to go back to the struggling life for his family. At last his life ends there as well but he was happy in his heart because of the well being of his family and proud of himself for being the reason for the good condition of his family members.

Pathemari comes to the shore and many people crossed that shore and made a life out of it. Like that this film is come to the shore of the hearts of Malayalees and capturing the hearts of each and every person who watches it. The performance of Mammootty in this flick as Pallickal Narayanan is just amazing.

We cannot predict the box office success of the film as we saw that many good films bombed at box office recently and only commercial potboilers getting that success. But one thing is sure that Pallickal narayanan will remain in our heart for a long time from now on.

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