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Political parties in Tamilnadu against Rajinikanth playing Tippu Sultan

Political parties in Tamilnadu against Rajinikanth playing Tippu Sultan

Super Star Rajinikanth is now all set to begin his new film named Kabali which is directed by Ranjith who had given a super hit with Karthi in the lead named Madras last year. Rajinikanth had given dates to the young director after reading the script of the film which really impressed him a lot. The character he plays has a lot to perform as an actor even though the film will be conceived as a wholesome entertainer keeping in mind the fans of Rajnikanth. The film tells the story of a Madurai based underworld don who has to shift his focus from Madurai to Malaysia once.

But there comes the report of another film as well in which Rajni will be acting in the coming future and it will be the role of the great Tippu Sultan of Mysore. Few days back a Kannada producer said to the media the life story of Tippu Sultan will be made into a film soon and that Super Star Rajinikanth will play the lead role in it. But with the news came in political parties in Tamilnadu, specially the Bharatiya Janata Party in Tamil Nadu who turned against the super star and told him that it is not a right decision from his part to do the character of Tipu Sultan as the great Tipu Sultan had a negative attitude towards Tamilians when he was alive.

They say that Tipu Sultan is somewhat a murderer of many and to glorify him through a film is not at all right. When it comes to a Tamil film starring Rajinikanth it may reach to more people and that will not be the right to happen as Tipu Sultan never really liked tamilians and did whatever he can against tamilians says the BJP national secretary H. Raja. He also said that they will not allow this film to reach to the silver screen and also told Rajinikanth to withdraw from the commitment to do the film if he had made any with the Kannada producer.

But the interesting thing is that sources close to Rajnikanth says that he is not acting in movies relate to Tippu Sultan and all that was a rumour.

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