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“Pranav Mohanlal dreams for something more than cinema” says Jeethu Joseph

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“Pranav Mohanlal dreams for something more than cinema” says Jeethu Joseph

We had earlier reports that Pranav Mohanlal will be gearing up to act in Jeethu Joseph’s directorial. He had earlier acted in Punarjani and Onnaman as a child artist but this will be the first time he will be seen in a throughout role. He was also spotted earlier in the theme song of Sagar Alias Jacky as a teenager.

Jeethu Joseph who had used him earlier as an assistant director for his flicks Papanasam and Life of Josutty has now commented on the actors plan in mind.

I had witnessed the dedication Pranav had towards cinema while he was working as my assistant, that was the main reason why I had contacted him to play the lead in my film. Though I had contacted him earlier he had rejected the offer as he dreamt of something more than cinema. But I am not interested in disclosing his dream over here” Jeethu said.

Pranav had earlier completed Parkour training for the Jeethu movie. The actor had got in news many a times for the same. Jeethu had also clarified that the news spreading regarding the movie being dropped are completely fake.

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