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Prithviraj as Lord Krishna in Hariharan’s Syamanthakam

Prithviraj's Sree Krishna getup in Syamanthakam-Malayalam movie 2016

The super success of Baahubali had seems to have created a trend of making high budget films which has relation to the epic or legend stories from our ancient times. Baahubali told an epic story also and the writer of the film KV Vijayendra Prasad already told medias that while writing this story his greatest inspiration was of course the legendary reference the epic of Mahabharatha itself. Now another news coming in this time from Mollywood that master director Hariharan is all set to make a gigantic film relate to the story in Mahabharatha.

According to reports it will be centered around the character of Lord Krishna and young mollywood actor Prithviraj will play the lead character of Lord Krishna in this movie. The film will be made in Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil and it will have many famous artists in it as well who will portray the important characters from Mahabharatha.

The story will be set around Syamanthakam bell. It is a story in Mahabharatha which tells that the Sun God (Soorya) gives a gift named Syamanthakam bell to his dearest friend Sathrajith. It is a very precious gift. But later this bell was got stolen by someone and the rumor spreads that it was Lord Krishna who is behind the theft of the precious Syamanthakam bell. Characters such as Rukmini, Sathyabhama, Jambavan, Balaraman etc will have an important role in the story. These all characters will be played by famous artists from south Indian and as well as north Indian film industries.

The flick will be financed by Gokulam Gopalan and Oscar winner Rasool Pookkutty will be the sound designer of the flick. This project was in the min of Hariharan for a long time and budget was the problem back then. But now wide release all around the world is possible and budget not seems a problem. Hariharan is planning to make it in way Bahubali had made an it will be a visual spectacle for the audience specially to the mollywood film lovers as it may be the first gigantic project from Mollywood if it materializes according to plans.

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