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Prithviraj is a better actor than me says Nivin Pauly

Nivin Pauly about Prithviraj-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

With the recent successes Nivin Pauly had become the center of attraction in Mollywood and most probably the most valuable young actor in Mollywood is this 31 year old actor. He has surpassed his contemporaries like Dulquer Salmaan, Fahad Fazil and even his seniors like Prithviraj and Jayasurya in terms of current star value. But the worst part of this success is unnecessary comparison will sprout up from here and there involving him which may end up in making haters for him. That was what really happened here as well.

At first Nivin Nivin has been compared to Mohanlal by some of his fans and it had really made people to turn against him saying that he cant even come near Mohanlal in any manner, be it is acting skills or the star power. Mohanlal fans reacted to it very strongly and at last Nivin Pauly himself came out and said that this was unnecessary comparisons and stupid one too as he can’t even imagine in his wildest dreams to come near even to the shadow Of the legend named Mohanlal even if he does 100 films in the future.

But then another comparison came and it was between him and Prithviraj. In Ivide both Nivin Pauly and Prithviraj had acted together and many people is of the opinion that Nivin Pauly was no way near Prithviraj in acting skills and it was very evident in the film as well. The scene become more serious when another issue sprout up which said that director Shyama Prasad who is the director of Ivide said to have told to a popular film media that Nivin Pauly does not have the range of Prithviraj.

To all this Nivin Pauly answers that he is pretty sure about the fact that Prithviraj is a way better actor than him. Nivin said that he is a great admirer of Prithviraj as an actor and his style and sound modulations while delivering dialogues was impeccable. He had learned a lot from Prithviraj while working in Ivide. Nivin said that if Shyamaprasad had said what he said to have told then he will take it as a positive criticism and try to improve himself in the coming future.

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