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Prithviraj is the best among younger generation actors says B Unnikrishnan

B Unnikrishnan about Prithviraj-Ennu Ninte Moideen

Director B Unnikrishnan has all praise for Ennu Ninte Moideen after watching the film and he has showered Prithviraj with praise as well. B Unnikrishnan said that Prithviraj is the best actor in the younger generation actors of Malayalam cinema. B Unnikrishnan also praised director R S Vimal and heroine Parvathy for their fabulous effort. He said that after watching the film he felt that this was one of the best technically perfected film ever made in Malayalam.

He said that the recreation of the period of 1960’s was superb and the presence of rain throughout the film made it more romantic. He said that the visual was amazing as it has used the shadow lights and colors to the perfect mix to make the romantic yet painful world of Moideen and Kanchana. He said the director of photography Jomon T John belongs to another league or a much higher level than any of the cinematographers present today in Malayalam cinema.

B Unnikrishnan about Prithviraj-Ennu Ninte Moideen


B Unnikrishnan has also praised every aspect of the film as he said it was a perfect mix of all. Great music and lyrics by Ramesh Narayanan, M Jayachandran, Gopi Sundar and Rafeeq Ahammed. The Art direction and costume designing etc were also great. He congratulated people like Gokul Das and Kumar Edappal as well.

After that he came to the performance of the artists. He said that this film will make you realize that Prithviraj is the best actor in Malayalam among the younger generation of actors and his performance in this film and Kamal’s celluloid is an example of the range of this actor. Parvathy’s portrayal of the character was intense and she had great potential. He also said that Tovino Thomas was a revelation among all. B Unnikrishnan said that this film belongs to R S Vimal who had written and directed this classic.

But his observation on Prithviraj is the highlight here. B Unnikrishnan has said sometime back that Mohanlal is the best actor Malayalam cinema has seen so far and now it is a clear picture of the director’s view as he believes that Prithviraj is the best among youngsters and Mohanlal is the best among all. B Unnikrishnan once said that Mohanlal is the ultimate dream actor any director can get and his performances in films like Dasaradham made him say that here is God’s plenty. Now Prithvi is slowly but steadily gaining ranks among the best actors in Malayalam.

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