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Raghava Lawrence’s astonishing kind act for poor

Raghava Lawrence’s astonishing kind act for poor

Raghava Lawrence had just astonished everybody with a shocking and surprising kind act for poor people yesterday. It was yesterday that the first look and title of his upcoming film Katta Siva Motta Siva had released which will be financed by Vendhar Movies. Apparently it is 2 movie deal between Raghava Lawrence and Vendhar Movies as they are doing 2 films together back to back. One is the film named Katta Siva Motta Siva based on the character of Kanchana 2 which had already started its filming and the another is the film titled Naaga which will be a horror comedy and will be big budget one as well.

During the title and first look releasing function Raghava Lawrence has announced that he had receive an advance of 1 crore rupees from vendhar films to do these two films and he had decided to donate that whole amount for the poor and needy people. When he first told this thought of him to his family members they thought he was kidding and out of his mind. But he had decided to do it as he wants to do something he could for the society. He said that he will divide that money to minimal amounts and will distribute it to poor and needy.

As a start he had given rupees 1 lakh to famous tv show anchor DD (Dhivyadharshini) who is adopted 3 orphan children. By seeing his kind act many people had donated money to that fund for charity right at the moment.
He said that people from anywhere can contact him if they are really in need for money and after checking the authenticity of the needs he will give away money to the ones who needs it. People from all states of India can come to him and the money is for all.

It is really a wonderful and astonishing act as no celebrity in India ever donated 1 crore rupees for charity at a particular moment till now. Raghava Lawrence had really made us wonder struck and we really want to appreciate his act and his mind to do that.

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