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RS Vimal replied to the accusations made by Ramesh Narayan !

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RS Vimal replied to the accusations made by Ramesh Narayan !

Yesterday, after winning the state film award for best music director, Ramesh Narayan had come out through medias and said that his award was a reply to Prithviraj as he along with director RS Vimal had insulted him big time during the making of the film named Ennu Ninte Mooideen. He said that Prithviraj had interfered in the music of that film and removed the songs composed by him by saying that his songs not have the merit to be included in a film.

The one song which included was sung by Jayachandran and it was included only because of the strong stand of the producer Suresh Raj. Ramesh Narayan said that director RS Vimal also stood with Prithviraj to insult him. At first RS Vimal said that Ramesh Narayan is making some cheap comments and he does not want to give reply to that. Later R SVimal come out and gave reply to the music director.

RS Vimal said that Ramesh Narayan’s comments about Prithviraj and him was a part of some hidden agenda. RS Vimal said that Ramesh Narayan may have got this award using his influence or may be not. But he have to respect the team behind the film which helped him to won that award. But he is trying to insult them, using fake arguments. RS Vimal said that it is the privilege of a director to decide how many songs his film needs and what kind of songs the film needs. But what Ramesh Narayan did was, he composed 7-8 songs without the knowledge of the director and producer and later told them to use it in their film. He even don’t send the songs to the director to hear it.

RS Vimal said that even the tunes of some of the songs he had composed was not at all suitable for the situation of the film. When he told him to change the tunes, he was just ridiculing him. It was Prithviraj who said that Jayachandran must sing that song. But now Ramesh says that Prithvi Raj said no to the selection of Jayachandran to sing the song. RS Vimal says that there is something fishy in Ramesh’s this behavior.

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