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Sarath Kumar Insulted Kamal Haasan during at a press conference

Sarath Kumar Insulted Kamal Haasan during at a press conference

Universal Kamal Haasan was recently in the news for some of his upcoming films and also due to some bad happenings in the name of his. First we heard that Kamal Haasan fans had attacked young actor Siva Karthikeyan who mocked Kamal through one of his movies. But now another news is coming out that actor Sarath Kumar had insulted Kamal Haasan in a press conference regarding the election in South Indian Film Artists Association.

Sarath Kumar had accused that Kamala hasan had insulted his state tamil nadu in the time of the release of his film Vishwaroopam when he said that he will leave this state and then the Chief minister of the state had to go to him in United States of America to bring him back to the state. Kamal Haasan did that when a controversy halted the release of his film Vishwaroopam.

Sarath Kumar’s recent insulting of Kamal Haasan is due to some other matters. It is because Kamal Haasan had lend his support to the Pandavar Ani team who standing against the team led by Sarath Kumar. That had really provoked Sarath Kumar and then he accused him. Sarath Kumar leading the team named Nadigar Sangham. The Pandavar Ani team has Vishal, Karthi etc in it. It was a news when Vishal and Sarath Kumar had a spat some time before based on the same issue of the elections. Sarath Kumar said about Kamal Haasan mocking him by imitating his talking style.

He even said that Kamala hasan is not a great actor as other actors in Tamilnadu had given much better performance than Kamal Haasan when they got the chance to work with directors who directed Kamal Haasan. Sarath Kumar said that Kamal Haasan is a coward and runs away from the state whenever there is a controversy and he did not even stand up to the difficulties and challenges. Sarath Kumar also mocked Kamal Haasan’s English accent as well during that speech in which he insulted the legend. The elections in SIAA is now heating up with this incident.

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