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Sathyan Anthikkadu and Sreenivasan Reunite for their Next Project

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Sathyan Anthikkadu and Sreenivasan Reunite for their Next Project

Last day, Anoop Sathyan, the director and son of renowned filmmaker Sathyan Anthikkadu, took to Facebook to share exciting news with the fans. He announced that Sathyan Anthikkadu is all set to join forces with the talented actor-writer Sreenivasan for his next cinematic venture. Anoop expressed his joy at hearing these words from his father, signaling a promising collaboration on the horizon.

The Sathyan Anthikkadu-Sreenivasan duo has treated audiences to a series of classic comedy films in the past, and their association with the legendary actor Mohanlal has resulted in some of the finest works in the industry. Previously, there were rumors circulating that Sathyan Anthikkadu would team up with Mohanlal for his next project, which was to be scripted by Sreenivasan. However, the project was put on hold due to Sreenivasan’s health issues.

With the recent news of their reunion, fans can’t help but speculate that the long-awaited Mohanlal project may finally see the light of day. In a recent interview, Sreenivasan revealed that he has plans to collaborate with Mohanlal once again, and the idea has garnered support from Priyadarshan, Sathyan Anthikkadu, and his son Vineeth Sreenivasan.

Sathyan Anthikkadu’s previous outing, titled “Makal” and starring Jayaram, received a lukewarm response from the audience. However, with this upcoming project scripted by his close friend Sreenivasan, hopes are high for a strong comeback from the acclaimed filmmaker.

Meanwhile, Anoop Sathyan is making progress with his own project alongside Mohanlal, and the scripting stage of this film is nearing completion. It seems like a double delight awaits fans of both Sathyan Anthikkadu and his son, as they embark on separate ventures with the iconic actor.

As the anticipation builds for these exciting projects, fans are eagerly looking forward to witnessing the magic that unfolds when Sathyan Anthikkadu and Sreenivasan come together once again. With the addition of Mohanlal to the equation, this collaboration promises to be a memorable cinematic experience for Malayalam movie enthusiasts

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