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Shah Rukh Khan advises fans to behave and stop abusing

Shah Rukh Khan advises fans to behave and stop abusing

The Baadshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan popularly known as SRK has come up with a tweet in Twitter asking his fans to behave. This tweet came up because of the fan fights that happen relentlessly in social networking sites. The subject of all these fan fights is the other actors or artists in the same field. As the Khan’s are back in friendship some people still not believe it and are still poking on their friendship. Shah Rukh is active in Twitter tweeting about his updates, movie promotions etc this is new for the followers that he has come up with a tweet advising the fans who make a fuss out of his colleagues in the field.

Shah Rukh also states that everyone has their right to post and tweet things but being offensive and abusive is not the way. He has requested his fans not to have fan fights or abuse other movies. He also said that being his fan no one should hurt other’s feelings, if they keep doing it they won’t be my fans. This is not new for Twitter as before Shah Rukh, Salman Khan had also came up with a tweet requesting his fans to stop abusing in social networking sites and degrading others.

Salman Khan then, also said that if the fans fail to do so he would even leave Twitter. Both these superstars request shows that even if they remain calm and supportive to each other in the field, their fans continue to be active in fan fights abusing others. As this fan fights continues to be in fully active, the actors are getting friendly in order to stop this behaviour of the public who love them.

These type of requests has already taken place earlier in other film industries too that the fans abuse and degrading is numerous in social networking platforms. It is actually the fans who behave without thinking as they think they have the right to do so but actors’ request is to be selfless and think before they post. As every action has a reaction, the abuse and degrading will continue its run that it will be an out of control situation.Many will be affected by these so called comments which arise in between this meaningless fan fights.

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