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Shahrukh Khan will have to beg on streets if Hindus won’t go to see his films, Says Yogi Adityanath

Shahrukh Khan will have to beg on streets if Hindus won’t go to see his films, Says Yogi Adityanath

Last day the issue which made the news headlines of medias all over India was the statement of Visha Hindu Parishat Leader Sadhwi Prachi who said that Shahrukh Khan is a Pakistan agent. She told against him as a reply to his opinion that he respect those who give back the recognitions given to them by the government as a protest to government policies. Another Bharatiya Janata Party leader named Kailash Vijay Vargiya also told against Shahrukh Khan by saying that his mind is full of Pakistan rather than filed the feeling for India.

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Now another one named Yogi Adithya Nath came against Shahrukh Khan as well and he said that Shahrukh Khan will have to beg on streets of India if the Hindu community here in India decides not to watch his films. Yogi Adithya Nath also said thatShahrukh Khan’s opinion against the government policies sound as same as the opinions of terrorists like Hafiz Sayyad. Congress party which saw the chance of a political play in this also came on the scene with the clamor that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should ask apology from Shahrukh Khan as his party leaders had insulted him with their comment. This demand was put forward by Congress leader Digvijay singh.

Congress leader Rasheed Alvi said that the leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party who can’t even have any history of taking part in the freedom struggle of India now presenting themselves as patriotic heroes of India and insulting an artist like Shahrukh Khan whose family members took part in the freedom struggle of India. Kailsah Vijay Vargiya then came in twitter by saying that his statement has been twisted by media in order to make it look like he is against Shahrukh Khan, to create a controversy.

In between this, Jama ath ud dawa leader Hafeez Sayeed had welcomed Shahrukh Khan to Pakistan. Sharukh Khan said that his ancestors also fought for the freedom of India and he has the full right to live here. He also said that India is not a personal property of anyone.

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