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Shankar Applauds Jigarthanda DoubleX: A Cinematic Triumph

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Shankar Applauds Jigarthanda DoubleX: A Cinematic Triumph

In a resounding chorus of praise, renowned filmmaker Shankar lauds the recent release, Jigarthanda DoubleX. Directed and written by the exceptionally talented Karthik Subbaraj, this cinematic masterpiece has been garnering global acclaim since its release last Friday. The film, featuring the dynamic duo of Raghava Lawrence and SJ Suryah, is swiftly catapulting towards blockbuster success at the box office.

Shankar, a luminary in the realm of Kollywood, took to his social media platforms to express his admiration for Jigarthanda DoubleX. His words of appreciation have resonated widely, echoing the sentiments of cinephiles and critics alike. According to Shankar, this film stands as the pinnacle of Karthik Subbaraj’s career, showcasing his brilliance as both a writer and director.

In his social media proclamation, Shankar highlighted the film’s profound respect for cinematic art, emphasizing the unexpected twists in the second half. He commended the fantastic interplay between characters and showered praise on the mesmerizing background score composed by Santhosh Narayanan. Additionally, Shankar applauded the stellar performances delivered by Raghava Lawrence and SJ Suryah, acknowledging their contribution to the film’s success. The visual aesthetics, skillfully crafted by Thirunavukkarasu, also left a lasting impression on Shankar.

Set against the backdrop of 1975, Jigarthanda DoubleX promises an exhilarating rollercoaster ride of action, emotion, and thrill. Karthik Subbaraj’s adept storytelling, reminiscent of his 2014 super hit Jigarthanda, reinforces the film’s status as a cinematic gem. Shankar’s endorsement adds another layer of prestige to this already acclaimed work, solidifying Jigarthanda DoubleX as a must-watch for enthusiasts of quality cinema.

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