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Shankar’s I is a big loss and producer Aascar Ravichandran facing debt problems

Shankar’s I is a big loss and producer Aascar Ravichandran facing debt problems

Last year’s biggest release in South India was Bahubali and before that a Tamil film was made it big. It was ‘I’ directed by Shankar with Chiyan Vikram in the lead role. The film was in news for its big budget production and the making style. It was also in the news for the dedication of Chiyan Vikram as he went for an out and out physical make over for the film which had dangerously affected his health as well.

But when the film came to the theater, it was not received an out and out positive response. There are many who opined that the film is not at all raised to the level of expectation. But the film had done a good business here in Kerala. Now, a shocking report says that actually the film Ai was a big failure financially and the producer of the film is facing debt problems.

Aascar Ravichandran is the producer of the film and he was known as the producer of big films in South India. But now he is facing all sort of debt problems and he had to set his properties for auction now get some money and pay the debt caused by the failure of Ai. Even though Ai had ran successfully at many screens, it had not receive as much collection which was expected to earn. Because of that the producer could not able to pay back the loan he took from the bank to make the film. The bank had took the house and office of the producer who had put it as a guarantee while he took the loan from the bank.

Now, the bank had given an advertisement in paper saying that they are set an auction for the 35 crore worth property of Aascar Ravi chandran at Coimbatore. He had took 96 crores of rupees loan from the Chennai Sreeram Nagar Branch of Indian overseas Bank. The film’s production cost was 185 crore rupees and he had bring Arnold from Hollywood for the music launch of the film as well. That also along with the promotional activities increased the cost of the film.

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