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Mammootty Serial Issue-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

For some days the hot topic doing its round in our social media circle is the controversy of Mammootty insulting serial artists in an award function organized by Asianet TV Channel in Ankamaly. News came just after the award function that Mammootty who was the chief guest of the program was talked in a manner which was quite an insult to the channel as well as the artists who were present there. According to the news Mammootty criticizes the serials and also the attitude of the television channel to satisfy everyone while giving away awards and not considering merit for giving away the recognition.

The news said that Mammootty said the word “best” with more stress while giving the award to the artist who won the awards in order to mock them and also mispronounced the word ‘Episode’ in order to make fun of the pattern our serials are following. But yesterday the award function had telecasted in Asianet channel and it shows nothing of those above mentioned incidents and it was just like nothing much has happened there like what was said in the earlier news.

Many people criticized Mammootty after hearing about his behaviour saying that he should not have behaved that way in a public platform and if he had not happy with the way Asianet giving away the awards he did not have to go there. And mocking the efforts of those artists is also very cheap from the part of as they are not popular like him and only upcoming artists. But all of these now seems to have no relevance as mammootty comes out clean as per what we saw in the last day’s telecast.

There was a section of people came forward to support Mammootty and of course most of them are his fans. According to them even if Mammootty had done that he had done the right thing by criticizing the serials and also the attitude of the television channel to give away the awards just like a commodity to make everyone happy rather than giving it to the deserved ones.

Mammootty has also got the support of the serial haters as they says that once there was good serials in channels. But now most of them are worthless and it wastes the time and energy of the people showing cheap stories and they are wondering why these serials don’t have any censoring methods to make it more watchable. Most of them are filled with inappropriate contents as well.

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