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Super star diagnosed with HIV positive !

Super star diagnosed with HIV positive

A Shocking news had come from Hollywood this time and it was really creating havoc in Hollywood. The report is that a popular Hollywood Super star had diagnosed with HIV positive. The reports says that the actor is diagnosed with AIDS and the reason for that was reportedly his life without any sexual discipline. He reportedly had affairs with many models and top heroines of Hollywood. Now they are too worried because if he had AIDS then whoever had physical contact with him can become a pray to this disease as well.

Now the report is that this actor is all set for taking legal action against his Ex-girlfriend as he believes that from her that he got this disease. He had physical relationships with famous Tele vision stars, Models, Oscar winning actress and a leading lady of Hollywood as well. The effort is being taken by the legal team of him to find out from who this disease was passed on to him. Hollywood is stand still after hearing this news and specially the actresses were in deep trouble who had affairs with him. Because if he finds from whom he had got this disease he will sue her for sure.

He wants to tell what happened to him openly to his friends and people. But he is now tight lipped because of the fear that this will affect his career as an actor in Hollywood. He also not want to disclose himself before the public because if it has been happened then there is all chance that his girlfriends may come with legal actions against him.

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