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Tharun Moorthy’s ‘Saudi Vellakka’ Receives High Praise from Iranian Director Panah Panahi.

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Tharun Moorthy’s ‘Saudi Vellakka’ Receives High Praise from Iranian Director Panah Panahi.

Tharun Moorthy, a prominent filmmaker in the vibrant world of Mollywood, has gifted cinephiles with two remarkable cinematic experiences, ‘Operation Java’ and ‘Saudi Vellakka.’ Both of these films have garnered significant acclaim from audiences and critics alike. ‘Saudi Vellakka,’ in particular, has not only found favor on the home front but has also earned recognition on the international stage through various Film Festivals.

The latest accolade comes from none other than the esteemed Iranian filmmaker, Panah Panahi. This maverick director recently had the pleasure of viewing Tharun’s ‘Saudi Vellakka’ and conveyed his admiration for the film. Panahi expressed the belief that Tharun is destined for recognition in the global cinematic arena.

Tharun took to his social media platforms to share Panah Panahi’s heartwarming message and expressed his profound joy at receiving such high praise from a director of Panahi’s caliber. Tharun humbly acknowledged that he is proud to be a filmmaker in the Mollywood industry.

In his message to Tharun, Panahi conveyed his apologies for the delayed response, citing his busy travel schedule. However, he made it clear that he was thoroughly impressed with the film’s direction, from casting choices to the meticulous attention to detail in every scene. Panahi offered constructive feedback, suggesting that a shorter runtime, with some trimming of scenes and music, could enhance the viewing experience. He also expressed his anticipation for Tharun’s future contributions to international cinema.

‘Saudi Vellakka’ was produced by Sandeep Senan under the Urvashi Theaters banner. The film delves into the backlog of cases within the Indian judicial system and the enduring struggles of those seeking justice after years of waiting.

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