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Tovino denies participation in Kiss of love protest

Tovino Thomas denies participation in Kiss of love protest-Onlookers Media

The kiss of love protest which took place in Marine Drive became sensational news after a huge number of youngsters openly declared their support to the protest. The protest had gone viral and some keralites in Hyderabad also showed their support by conducting the protest there. It was not much noticed and not many people even cared to criticize the protest. But, this kiss of protest has turned out to be a headache to Tovino Thomas.

There was a news that a TV anchor cum film actress was caught kissing someone during the protest. It was widely circulated on Whatsapp and Facebook.  But, later some people claimed that the man who was kissing the actress was Tovino Thomas.  They even designed a photo to substantiate their claim. Tovino became aware of this ongoing rumour when he got the same photo on his whatsapp. Tovino spoke to Onlookers media and addressed the situation. He said that he was absolutely shocked to see the photo.

Tovino explained that he was in his honeymoon with his wife. He was growing beard and hair for his upcoming movie. He pointed the man in the photo had a well trimmed short hair which is a solid proof enough to prove that it was not him. He said that he does not know how can grow hair and beard in one day. He said that he has other evidences to prove that he is not the one in the photo. He said that he only wants to make it clear that he is innocent and that he has not participated in the kiss of love protest.

Tovino is not the first victim of this social media cruelty. It has become quite common to spread the false news about the celebrities especially actresses on Whatsapp and other social medias. The worst part is that there are a lot of people who enjoy reading stuff like this and this encourages the perverts to come up with more of this stuff. While some celebrities vocalize their resentment openly some tend to overlook it and remain silent about it. When the celebrities suffer from these baseless rumours, the one who sows the seeds is probably working on the next rumour targeted at the innocent people.

Tovino's Facebook Post

Tovino’s Facebook Post

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