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Unanimously positive reviews for Joju’s ‘Joseph’

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Unanimously positive reviews for Joju’s ‘Joseph’

Joju George starrer ‘Joseph’ continues to get extremely good response from the audience. Cinephiles and critics have been showering positive reviews, with special mention for Joju’s performance. The movie directed by M Padmakumar is a mix of genres – has layers of emotional drama, investigative thriller and passes on a very important social message. After a slow start at the box office, theatres are now witnessing good occupancy courtesy the highly positive word of mouth in social medias.

‘Joseph’ is scripted by Shahi Kabir, a police officer in real-life. That authenticity and proper attention to details are there to be seen in the movie. It has a balanced screenplay that finely moves from dramatic emotional moments to an investigative mode. The various mental conflicts that the character Joseph goes through has been portrayed brilliantly by Joju George. Irshad, Dileesh Pothan, Sudhi Koppa and the two female leads have also done their parts well.

Director M Padmakumar, who is well known for his films like ‘Vargam’, ‘Vasthavam’ and ‘Shikkar’ has made a strong comeback with ‘Joseph’. With good support from his actors and technicians, the director has given his vision to a well-written screenplay. State award winner Manesh Madhavan’s camera work and Kiran Das’ editing are perfectly in sync with the subject. Debutant Ranjin Raj has composed some delightful songs that jell beautifully with the narrative.

With the positive talks in social medias, Joseph is expected to reach out to more screens in the coming days.

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