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Uttama Villain controversy, is it real or just a publicity trick

Uttama Villain controversy, is it real or just a publicity trick-Kamal Haasan-Tamil Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

Kamal Haasan films always have associated with one controversy or the other and it is very usual about his films to create some sort of controversy. His upcoming film Uttama Villain is no different in this regard as well. Now Uttama Villain had landed in some sort of religious problems as Viswa Hindu Parishat( VHP) had all set to ask for the ban of the film as according to them the film will affect the religious sentiments of certain section of people in the society. It was Karthi starrer Komban which was landed in the same religious sentiments problems some weeks back. Now it’s the turn of Kamla Haasan.

The news says that in a statement given to the commissioner of police, the members of the Vishwa Hindu parishath(VHP) alleged that they have an issue with the song in the film starting as “Iraniyan Nadagam”, which according to them derides the famous conversation between Prahalad and Hiranyakashipu and may hurt religious sentiments of people who believes in it. They says that the lyrics of the song will surely disturb and upset the followers of Lord Vishnu and that is why they wants to ban the film from screening.

Before this issue came up, Uttama Villain had landed in plagiarism issue as well when the first look poster of the film had released long back as people said that the poster of the film is taken from the photograph taken by the famous French photographer Eric Lafforgue. But Kamal Haasan dismissed all that rumours saying that the poster has been inspired from the looks in ‘Theyyam’ and not from any foreigners photograph. Kamal Hasan always have problems with religious organization and we have seen that during the release of his films like Vishwaroopam and Virumandi earlier. Vishwaroopam was opposed by Muslim organizations and now it’s the turn of Hindu organizations.

Another section is having the opinion that this news and controversy are just publicity stunts. They are deliberately creating it just to attract the attention of the audience and to create hype around the film so as to get a grand opening and to reach to more and more people. This is a trick by lighting the fire of curiosity among people.

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