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Vellinakshathram film magazine against Shyamaprasad

Shyamaprasad against Nivin Pauly- Vellinakshathram film magazine against Shyamaprasad-Nivin Pauly issue-Onlookers Media

A new controversy had sprouted in Mollywood and this time the people who had involved in this is veteran director Shyamaprasad and a popular film magazine named Vellinakshathram. Actor Nivin Pauly also indirectly involved in this as well. The controversy had begun with an interview of Shyamaprasad which he has given to Vellinakshathram film magazine after the release of his latest film named Ivide starring Prithviraj and Nivin Pauly which even though got fairly good critics reviews but failed in the box office quite miserably.

Vellinakshathram published that interview with Shyamaprasad with a title which says that Nivin is not as good an actor as Prithviraj and Nivin Pauly do not have the range to do big roles. But after the publishing of the interview Shyamaprasad had come out through his Facebook page saying that he had not said anything like that in an interview and it was all made up news by the film magazine.

Shyama Prasad hits out at yellow journalism of a film magazine

He also called them a yellow magazine who is promoting filthy yellow journalism to discourage an upcoming actor like Nivin Pauly.  Shyama Prasad said that Nivin pauly is smart enough to not to belive such rubbishes and he is a good actor. Shyama Prasad also said that he had high hopes on Nivin as an actor and he will have a hopeful future ahead of him as well.

But Vellinakshathram had hit back strongly at Shyamaprasad and they said that they had published only what Shyamaprasad had said about Nivin Pauly and to prove that they had published the audio clip of that interview with Shyamaprasad in the online pages and website. In that audio clip it is clear that Shyamaprasad is saying not so good about the acting skills of Nivin. In that audio clip Shyamaprasad says that Nivin have to grow as an actor and he does not have that range or maturity as an actor which Prithviraj has. In Ivide as well compared to Prithvi Nivin was not that good.

Vellinakshathram says that Shyamaprasad may have some personal problems with Nivin and that may be the reason for his statement about him. But they says that don’t make them a cover for taking out his problems.

Audio Courtesy : Koumudi Plus

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