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Vinayan also come up with his support to Mohanlal in Election campaign issue

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Vinayan also come up with his support to Mohanlal in Election campaign issue

The personal relationship between Super Star Mohanlal and veteran director Vinayan is not so cool and Vinayan always comes up with something or other against Mohanlal related to various issues. Vinayan is always against the super stars like Mammootty and Mohanlal and when it comes to Mohanlal, Vinayan’s attack becomes hard. But surprisingly, Vinayan had come up with his support to Mohanlal in the election campaign issue which is making news now in media. It may be for the first time that Vinayan is supporting Mohanlal in any issue.

Vinayan said that Salim Kumar’s allegation against Mohanlal is purely biased. What he said was not at all right as Mohanlal has every right to express his political opinion and choose his side when it comes to elections. No one can say that one cannot have political inclinations if he or she is a member of AMMA association. He said that association and politics are two different things.

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No one can blame a member of AMMA if he goes for an election campaign. If the members of AMMA can contest in an election without seeking the permission from AMMA or without resigning their membership from AMMA, then how can we blame a member of that association for attending Election Campaign. Vinayan said that Mohanlal did no wrong in this matter as he just expressed his political view or may be his choice as a citizen. If Mohanlal went there to support congress party, Salim Kumar may have remained tight lipped. That is the bias he is showing now when Mohanlal went to wish Ganesh Kumar who represents Left Democratic Front.

Vinayan also opined that the allegation of Jagadeesh against Ganesh Kumar and Mohanlal is not at all right. Jagadeesh said that Ganesh Kumar blackmailed Mohanlal and that is why Mohanlal went to wish him. It is cheap to come forward with such allegations. Mohanlal was the general Secretary of AMMA for years and Jagadeesh was the treasurer. At least Jagadeesh have to remember that before he says things like this.

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