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Vishwa Hindu Parishat leader called Shahrukh Khan, a Pakistan agent !

Sadhvi Prachi against Shahrukh Khan

A shocking comment made by one of the leaders of the organization called Vishwa Hindu Parishat is the most debated one in India right now. It was against none other than the King of Bollywood, Mr. Sharukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan who had celebrated his 50th birthday two days back was called a Pakistan agent by one of the leaders of Vishwa Hindu Parishat and the one who called him that was Sadhvi Prachi.

She said it as a reply to Shahrukh Khan’s comment about the latest development in our country as many known figures giving back the awards given by government as a protest against government policies that denies freedom of expression and various other things. Shahrukh Khan said that he respects the decision of the ones who had given back their recognitions they got from the government. He said that intolerance was going on a high level in our country and the method they adopted to fight back was respectable.

Shahrukh Khan told it in Twitter town hall which is the debate center of twitter. When he was asked that if he is also planning to give back his Padmasree award to the government, he said that if the need for that comes he will do it as well. But now he don’t think that time had come. Sadhvi Prachi said that Shahrukh Khan must go to Pakistan as he is a Pakistan agent. Earlier Sadhvi Prachi made a comment that Hindu people should stay away from seeing the films of Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan as they tries to spread love jihad through their film. Their films never try to show good culture before children says Sadhvi Prachi.

Anyway the comment made by her got support only from another BJP leader but getting bad response from the public. People already showed their support for Shahrukh Khan in this issue and everybody condemns Sadhvi Prachi’s comment made on Sharukh Khan. In Social Media Platforms too Shahrukh Khan gets maximum support and Sadhvi Prachi is been attacked badly which she deserves of that filthy comment on Shahrukh Khan says the supporters of him.

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